Lyon Terminal S.A., created in 1993 and located within the port of Lyon Edouard Herriot, is specialised in port handling and heavy lifts.
  It is a subsidiary of Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (CNR) who owns 64.08% of the share capital.

To face the increasing request for services of intermodal handling, Lyon Terminal has opened the second Terminal on July 4th, 2007 and spreads over 20 Ha now.
About 150.000 containers TEUS did transit by Lyon Terminal during the 2009 year (Lyon Terminal does not count any more the activity of the empty containers deposit: Arnal and Progeco - 169.000 TEUS in 2009).
Lyon Terminal focuses its development on the river traffic between Fos/Mer and Lyon on one hand and the raising rail supply - in the market opening contex - on the other hand.
Almost 90% of main shipping lines use Lyon Terminal facilities.

The company's aim is to develop the transhipment between rail and river in order to :
  to give to the rail transport the benefit of important masses that can be conveyed 
  to give to the river transport the benefit of the vast network of destination that are accessible by train :
    Northern, Eastern and Southern Europe.
Rail and river union on one urban site is a wonderful asset for an active participation of Lyon Terminal in the struggle against pollution and greenhouse effect.
Infrastructures (Terminal 1& 2) :
20 Ha of storage aera, fully surfaced
3 200 m of rail tracks
2 gantry crane with a capacity of 250 tonnes
1 mobile crane (33 tons at 18 m)
800 tons Roll On/Roll Off berth
5 Reach trucks for laden containers
Refrigerating plugs
Fully computerized operations and management system
River shuttles (Lyon / Fos sur Mer)
Rail links with main ports
  Services* :
Containers handling
   (barges, trains, trucks, sea)
Heavy lifts handling (250 tons)
General cargo handling
Container storage (for short and long period)
Container Terminal Management

   (System and Organisation Service)

Dematerialized invoices
Container repairs
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